Deborah Hendrickson
Psychic Medium

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Deborah is a Psychic Medium, who connects through prayer and meditation to Spirit. Deborah is direct and forthcoming with the information provided to her and asks that Spirit only provide message which would serve in the best interest and highest good and purpose of the client.

Deborah utilizes her education as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and her experience growing up with psychic abilities to mentor children (and their families) in order to assist her clients to have a better understanding (instead of fear) and to develop and feel comfortable with their natural born gifts.

Deborah is an Intuitive Reiki Energy Healer and is guided by Spirit where to focus the energy which flows through her.  In many cases Deborah will receive information from Spirit during the session and will share that which was provided to her at the end of the session, when appropriate.

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